Meet Arredo

Welcome To Arredo - Let's Get To Know Each Other

I'm Adam, the rustic guy

Born in the North East, but having moved to Spain when I was 12, means I grew up in the Mediterranean culture. I am obsessed with rustic/farmhouse style living. There’s just something about the curves and bumps of an old kitchen table, or the soft wooden tones of a bedroom set that makes me fall in love with furniture.

My dream home is a big old cottage, with a paddock and a little stream running through the garden - which suits the rustic farmhouse style living I am attracted to! (Will also give my dogs tons of room to go mad in! Having 2 huskies certainly means you need plenty of room for exercise !)

Most of my favourite Arredo items are the country style ones, although I can appreciate the appeal of the modern, sleek, clean looks of some of our ranges - I just can’t keep my eyes off the mango wood collections!

I'm Jamie, the modern guy

Interior design always fascinated me.  Your home is a reflection of you. You create it based on your personality, your taste and your creativity. The plethora of styles, ranges and individual taste makes each home truly unique, and unique to whoever creates it.

For me, I am drawn to the sleek, clean edges modern decor and furniture offers, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an appreciation for a rustic country kitchen setting! Truth be told, I am also partial to the beauty and intricacies of Georgian homes.

Being a homeowner myself I have become fed up with the excessive furniture prices, hefty delivery charges and lack of customer service. Given how personal creating a home is, I want to feel valued and not just another sale!

That is why I wanted to create Arredo. To put you, the customer, first and create a stress free experience. After all, your home is your personal sanctuary.

I’m Chris, the minimal guy

I’m an ambitious and incredibly positive person that reflects on my choices of styling, and means that I only ever want what’s best for you. I have an incredible boyfriend (Brodie) and a cute little pug (Alfie) and some pretty amazing friends that I call family. I like to going for long country walks, listening to and creating music with them as they are budding superstars! As you can imagine, I’ve spent some fair time in their homes and surrounded in different styles of décor, from rustic cottages on retreats, to modern busy family homes!

My interest in interior design and furniture, springs from a very young age, when me and my family moved around a lot, (which hasn’t changed really even as I’ve grown older) My family spent a lot of time deciding on how to decorate the house, and used to let me have my own input in rooms with colours and when the furniture eventually arrived, I would have already mentally designed the entire house, and went straight to work making it match my vision, and it always does (may I add it looks perfect when I do)

I’m a super fan of our modern, sleek and high gloss furniture. It’s minimal and clean and fresh and keeps my creative ears buzzing. For me there’s nothing better than seeing the clean edges of the wood work, the light and space that it can create and make a house a home

I look forward to helping you design your home, and starting our Arredo journey together

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